My authors

‘So many people had suggested I write a book, but I’d always refused, until I met Anna - I had an instant connection with her. Not only did she understand my story, but she made herself an expert in the field to write it properly. I just told her my story, and she came up with a complete structure which got me a publishing deal with Simon and Schuster. She recognised the uniqueness of my story. Since my book has been published, life has changed extraordinarily, I’m now regularly asked to appear on television, in newspapers, and speak in schools and universities - not just in Britain, but all over the world. My book has been translated into two more languages, and it’s given me both an income and a new career.’ 

Hibo Wardere, author of CUT: One Woman’s Fight Against FGM in Britain Today


‘When the video of me hearing for the first time went viral, I was approached by so many publishers and agents, but I chose Anna because I trusted her.

Thanks to her structuring and sample chapter, I landed a publishing deal with Hodder and Stoughton, and my book was published in March 2015. My book was serialised in the Daily Mail, and countless other newspapers, radio shows, magazines and TV programmes featured my story. I was inundated with media requests. Since then, life has been unbelievable, I travelled to Bangladesh to make a TV programme for the BBC, I have had my own BBC radio series and was given a magazine column. I’ve even had a play and a movie made of my life! I would recommend Anna to anyone.’ 

Jo Milne, author of Breaking the Silence


‘People said I should write a book about my experiences, but it was Anna who came up with the concept, the structure, and the sample chapter that got me a publishing deal with Harper Collins. Having my own book has changed my life, it’s given me the springboard to start my own charity, and the opening to do talks at schools around the country, sharing my story to protect other girls from going through the same as I did. I’m even in talks to make a TV documentary.’ 

Adele Bellis, author of Brave


Now, let me do the same for you...

I understand that many of you reading may be at different stages in your hope of a book. Some may just have the seed of an idea, perhaps not even that. Perhaps you need someone to help you come up with that idea. Maybe you have a manuscript and you need someone to help you edit. Maybe you need help securing publicity for your book. Or maybe you need a complete service, that will take you from a brainstorming session to holding your own book in your hands. 

Getting a book published starts with a great concept. There may be other people out there with a similar story to you, but you know yours is different. So it all comes down to the way you package your story, how you make it stand out from the rest, how you use your own unique talents and skills to make your book one people must buy. 

All about Anna

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I am a journalist, former national newspaper executive, social commentator, ghostwriter and author. Two decades in the UK mass media and book publishing means I know the industry inside out. Whether you want a ‘how to’ guide for your brand, or a memoir about your life, I can help you tell you story in a way that will expand your business and professional life…