Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a book?

This is an excellent question particularly if you’ve managed well without one to date. And yet the authors I have worked with will be the first to tell you just how much their lives have changed since publishing their own books. Opportunities it may afford you include: raising your status as an expert in your field, spreading the word of your business or brand further, attracting new clients or revenue, providing a springboard to new projects such as speaking roles and giving expert quotes in the media, both in the UK and worldwide, income from potential sales, and increasing your visibility along with the publicity for your book marking you out from others in your field.

What if I’m unsure exactly what should be included in my book?

It is not always easy to pin down exactly what a book should be, what it should include, and what it should not. That’s why editors have relied on my skills to do that. From our very first chat, I will identify this concept, suggest what I think your book should be and help you to present an original idea in your own unique voice. 

But why do I need you to write my book for me?

Writing a book is extremely time consuming and takes a lot of motivation. There is also a matter of my experience and expert knowledge, of really pinning down what your book will be, making it readable and enjoyable from the first word to the last, and structuring it so that it tells your tale, or gets across what you want to, in the best possible way. If I write your book for you, you don’t have to any of that. All you need to do is tell me your story in your own unique voice over a series of interviews, and I will do it for you, making it sounds just the way you would want it to if you were sitting down and putting the words on the page yourself. Then there are all the other bits of admin, like the editing, the formatting, the printing and publishing, the design work, the much-needed publicity. All this is taken off your hands.  

Whose name will be on the front of my book?

Yours and yours alone. You will not see my name on the book at all because it will be your own original material, and it will be your copyright. You will be the author, they will be your words, I’m just the person who structures them and gets them into shape. It will be your book entirely.

Aren’t there other companies out there doing a similar thing? Why should I pick you?

There are, you’ll find some with just a quick search around the internet, and we all have our own skills and talents. I have spent 20 years working as a journalist and editor on national newspapers and magazines - I know what makes a good story, I know what and how people want to read. The other people offering similar services will never have the same experience as me. I have also written three other critically-acclaimed memoirs that have changed people’s lives. I have worked closely in the book industry for big publishing houses like Harper Collins, Hodder and Stoughton, Simon and Schuster. I know how design and imagery work too, I know how to ‘sell’ a book in a few words, I know how to get publicity and what makes a good story for newspapers and magazines, and I have the contacts to make that happen. Most importantly, I pride myself on working hard to build a relationship with my authors which earns their trust and gives them the confidence that my knowledge and skills best serves their interests. 

Do you make money out of the books I sell?

I charge a fixed fee for my services which comprise the production of your book and (subject to your choice of package) some publicity that goes with that. The copyright of the book is all yours, so too is all profit made from any book sold.  If you pick the Bestseller Package, I will supply you with an initial 100 copies of your book, and you are free to sell those yourself and keep the proceeds. After that you will pay a trade price for reprints, and again, you are free to sell those and keep the proceeds yourself. 

So how does it all work?

  • First of all we meet to discuss the concept of your book, you tell me what you want to achieve and I will advise you as to what I think should be kept in and left out, what a reader will be most drawn to - and therefore how to attract more people to buy your book and get it much-needed publicity. 

  • Once we’ve pinned down the concept and started plotting out chapters, we can start the interviewing process. We can do this on the phone or face-to-face, we can do it all in one go, or daily/weekly. I promise not to make that process too labour intensive for you, I realise you’re a busy person and time is not something you have at your disposal. 

  • I will write each chapter and send them to you in turn so that you can check them over and approve them, we will not move on until you are happy. I should be able to estimate how long it will take me to write the book when we start the project (subject to you being available for interviews/questions), and so we’ll set a deadline at the beginning of the project and the finished manuscript will be sent to you on that date - if not before. 

  • Once you’re happy with the manuscript, we can get on with the book cover design, the formatting for ebook or printing so that you can sell through sites like Amazon, getting those books printed, distribution if necessary, and then working out how we can use the media (social, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, podcasts) to get your book out there working for you the way you want it to. 


It seems like a lot of work for one person, do you do it all yourself? 

Where possible yes, but when I do need to out-source work you can rest assured that I’ve handpicked a highly-skilled and experienced team to help make your book the best it can be.

Some of your other work appears to be life-story led memoirs, but I’m not sure I have a life story to tell - or want to tell - are you still able to help me talk about my business?

Yes, definitely. You’re right that some people have a life story to tell that goes along with the story of their business or brand, but not everyone. And perhaps not everyone wants to reveal the personal side of their life in business. When we meet to discuss the concept of your book, I will tell you if I think your own story would make a great addition to your manuscript and how it might best exploit the publicity we could get for your book, but if you just want to write a ‘how to’ guide about your business, we can do that too.

I’m still unsure about self-publishing, what if I want a big publishing house to take a look at my idea and publish my book?

You can still do that with my Proposal Package. This will get your idea and your structure in great shape for an editor to look at, not only that but I will do some research in the market I think best fits your book and put that into a document to persuade them further. I will also write a sample chapter - usually around 2,000 words - so an editor looking over your proposal will get an idea of your style. Editors are busy people too, so what they want to see is a tightly written proposal, a great concept, and some fabulous sample material - and that will give you the edge and hopefully send your proposal to the top of the pile.

I’m still unsure whether I’d like an e-book or a physical copy of my book printed, what do you suggest? 

It really depends what you intend to use the book for, so the choice is entirely yours. If you just want to direct potential clients to your book, then perhaps a downloadable version is better, but if you intend to do talks and want to have copies to sell at your talks, or as part of your merchandise, obviously a physical copy is better. The choice is yours. 

What if I don’t like the final manuscript?

I hope that will never be the case, that’s why we will be clear from the beginning what the concept is, and why you will sign off each chapter in turn. If it’s not exactly what we agreed at the outset, then I will of course edit the chapters. With all this in place, I don’t see any margin for things going wrong.

Will I get to chose the cover of my book?

Of course! We will work closely to decide what cover will best suit your book, and most importantly, what cover will best attract readers to it. It will be a collaborative process along with the designer, and where possible, I aim to give you variations on designs to choose from.

Will my book look like the ones in shops?

Yes! Exactly the same, and probably better. I work with extremely experienced designers, top quality printers and great materials so that you won’t see any difference between your book and any other you might pick up in a bookshop. If you pick the Bestseller Package, your book will also come supplied with it’s own unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number), which means that it can be easily identified and sold online at sites such as Amazon and in bookshops around the world. Just like any other book that is published, six copies must be made available for legal reasons; one copy to the British Library (as per The Legal Deposit Libraries Act of 2003) and five further copies to the five copyright libraries of the UK. But I can deal with that for you, and they won’t be included in the 100 author copies that you receive.

If I manage to sell all 100 copies of my books, will it be easy to get others printed?

Of course, you can even do this direct with the printer who will hold a formatted version of your book on file, so that you can have further copies printed whenever you need them. I believe that I have sourced the best rates for printing so that you get the best deal, and you can make the most profit from your book. 

So where do I sign?

Great question! Get in touch with me today!

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